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Custom Chaise Cushions

Custom Chaise Cushions

Sunbrella Spa Chaise CushionsCustom chaise cushions will provide comfort and relaxation to any chaise lounger. Designer Custom Source has a wide variety of custom-made chaise cushion styles to choose from to help to achieve the right look for your clients outdoor space. We provide cushions for a single and double chaise recliner, as well as offer joined cushions to accommodate the different types of break options on chaises. When designing your chaise cushion, it is important to select the right style and shape to ensure accuracy. Any chaise that does not meet the standard shapes online will need to have a template.

Our custom-made chaise cushions come with the choice of four fill options. Our Optimal Comfort inner fill is made with quality foam, MicroGel Memory foam and batting which is then placed inside a waterproof ticking;The ultimate choice in luxury for both indoor and outdoor applications. We have two types of indoor fill, either an indoor standard foam fill or a deluxe indoor fill which has a layer of one inch cumulous batting on top and bottom of our standard foam to create a crowned look. Both are ideal for inside the home. Our standard outdoor cumulous poly fiber fill allows water to drain through the cushion after a heavy downpour which makes another option for outdoor living spaces.

Does your chaise require a uniquely-shaped cushion?

If you have a chaise that is unique in shape from what we offer online, you will need to send us a template.Our experienced workroom is able to make virtually any type of custom-made cushion but we do ask that you take accurate measurements to ensure you will get the ideal chaise cushion for your client. At Designer Custom Source, we aim to exceed your expectations and hope you experience only the best in high quality satisfaction.

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