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Custom Sunbrella Rain Cushions


Sunbrella Rain Fabrics and Cushions from Cushion Source

New Sunbrella Rain Cushions

Introducing new Sunbrella Rain cushions from Designer Custom Source. Sunbrella Rain is an upholstery fabric that is virtually waterproof and was created for outdoor seating areas prone to heavy rains. Sunbrella Rain cushions are designed to minimize drying time, allowing you to use your cushions soon after the rain is over.

Sunbrella Rain Cushion with full-coverage flap

How does it work?

Our full-coverage flap is placed along the back of the cushion covers which is a breathable Sunbrella mesh panel and zipper, shielding it from the rain and helping the inner filling stay dry. Because the fabric is sewn in order to create your custom cushion there is an opportunity for water to seep inside thus we call our cushions virtually water proof. The full-coverage flap and mesh panel was placed on our cushions so water will easily drain through the cushion even quicker than our basic cumuplush fill. After a hard rain simply wipe off any excess water from the cushion and after a short drying time, you can enjoy your dry and comfortable cushions without the wetness.

Sunbrella Rain cushions are perfect for residential and commercial outdoor restaurant seating, poolside chaise lounge cushions, outdoor daybed swings, and much more.

Sunbrella Rain fabrics have a similar feel and look as regular Sunbrella upholstery fabrics. The underside of the Rain fabrics have a non-porous coating applied that acts as a barrier, stopping moisture from virtually entering the cushion.

Choose from an assortment of Sunbrella Rain fabrics and any of our fillings to create your custom Sunbrella Rain seat cushions, bench cushions, daybed cushions, and chaise lounge cushions.

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